and the history books forgot about us

"I don't want to show my clothes, I want to show my attitude, my past, present, and future. I use memories and future visions and try to place them in today's world."

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I'm sure we all know by now about the departure of Raf Simons at Jil Sander. Another season, another shock. I like how the fashion industry always wait until the most unassuming moments to spring these little nuggets of news on us. naturally, today has been all things Jil Sander/Raf Simons related. You can't go to any fashion website without being hit with the waves of emotional images. there are countless pictures, quotes, or memories reflecting what a bittersweet show Jil Sander Fall 2012 was. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Simons and I only hope he goes on to do bigger and better things (hopefully it will include a namesake women's label as well as the continuation of his men's line...must happen please). He was a perfect fit for the Jil Sander label. I appreciate his quiet and modest approach to design, never looking for attention for himself, only to redefine minimalism with his unique and modern vision. It always takes a special kind of woman to pull of a Jil Sander look by Raf. He is also what made me interested in menswear and made me recognize the full worth of the simplicity of basic colors and shapes. Some of his work i personally think are the best and most memorable ones. He changed Jil Sander into a fashion favorite and hopefully this will continue when Jil Sander herself returns to the label.

About the show itself-
it couldn't have been a better final goodbye collection. Beautiful and perfect from the setup to the makeup to the soundtrack and of course the clothes themselves. It was so basic and delicate but also strong and innovative. So classically elegant and modern. It felt more like a spring collection, with its happier notes of renewal/rebirth undertones rather than the usual somber ones of fall.

sigh....I just want to post it all. There wasn't one element in the show that I didn't like. Nothing during fashion week even matters anymore. It's all jilsanderrafsimons archives for a while. I'm going to miss those beautiful campaigns and collabs with Willy and Clement. SO MANY THOUGHTS. i feel like kinga right now, must hold back those tears.

"It was a show worthy of the standing ovation it received. Raf Simons may be the designer that the house of Jil Sander let go, but he is clearly also the same designer that any fashion house would be lucky to have at their creative helm." -Hamish Bowles

a sad Tor


Jess said...

"amore, sad eggy"

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